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Without volunteers there would be no Mobility Cup. The opportunities to help are many and varied – as are the rewards. You don't even have to know anything about sailing or step off dry land!

Why help?

Accessible sailing is a wonderfully challenging sport. It provides participants, with mobility or other impairments, unique opportunities to build confidence and self-esteem while enhancing independence. Imagine the ability to leave your wheelchair behind and enjoy the freedom that can be found on the water! Whether sailing competitively or just recreationally, the impact in both physical and psychological terms is profound. Who wouldn't want to help make that happen?

What's involved?

Running a major showcase event such as the Mobility Cup requires all manner of contributions, from just a few hours of your time one day to a week long commitment. We need people early in the morning, during the day and late afternoon / evening.

We have opportunities that require no sailing knowledge to ones where your skills and expertise in the sport can be put to direct use. Just indicate on the registration form and we will follow-up and find the job that's right for you. But what we need most is the energy and enthusiasm that comes with volunteering to help us make this event a truly memorable one for the participants.

What's in it for you?

The rewards are as varied and personal as people's motivations for volunteering. Some examples:

- Satisfaction in knowing you made a difference, one person or one act at a time.
- Knowledge that you made a lot of peoples' hopes and dreams come true in making the event possible.
- Thanks from a very grateful Organizing Committee and all the sailors
- Experience in being part of a volunteer team and in handling all the challenges involved – combined with a real sense of participation and a great sense of fun!
- New friends and relationships, through meeting and dealing with participants, volunteers and all the people involved in this wonderful event.
- …And the great feeling that comes from knowing you delivered on your commitments.


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Thank you Volunteers

Our volunteers make Mobility Cup a success!

Please register as a volunteer and join our team.


16 Apr 2024 Mahone Bay, CA


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