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Silver Fleet: for people that have never sailed competitively, or those that have entered one or two previous Mobility Cup events and consider themselves inexperienced in such competitions. Silver Fleet participants have a sailing companion onboard at all times, to provide coaching and advice between races, as required. When accepting registrations, priority will be given to people that are new to the event, and more experienced sailors might be asked to move up to the Gold Fleet to make way for newcomers.

Gold Fleet: for experienced, competitive sailors. These people have previously competed in the Mobility Cup or similar events. They sail single-handed, under strict racing rules, but have the option of having a sailing companion.

Important:  In accordance with the official Mobility Cup Guidelines priority will be given to sailors who have sailed three or fewer Mobility Cups in the previous four years. A waiting list of competitors will be established based on the date and time of receipt of entries once the maximum number of entries has been received. The Martin16 sailboats are loaned from sailing programs across the country for the event and there will be a limited number of charter boats available. Sailors are encouraged to bring their own boats if possible.

Please read the Mobility Cup Damage Policy before proceeding to registration.

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Able Sail Toronto
National Yacht Club

1 Stadium Road,
Toronto, ON
M5V 3H4


43.6316, -79.4021

Toronto Trivia

There are 15 islands in Toronto. To name a few - Mugg's Island, Centre Island, Ward's Island, Hanlan's Island, Snake Island and Algonquin Island. Read more...


29 Mar 2023 Mugg's Island, CA


Few Clouds

Humidity 50%
UV index 2.2 - Low
Pressure 1014hPa
Wind speed 12m/s • 270°
  • 804 Thu, 30 03 4°C
  • 616 Fri, 31 03 4°C
  • 501 Sat, 1 04 12°C
  • 800 Sun, 2 04 3°C
  • 616 Mon, 3 04 4°C
  • 804 Tue, 4 04 6°C
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