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Container unloading and loading, boat setup, crane launching  Ability to climb in & out of containers and use a drill and crowbar. Experience launching/prepping sailboats.   August 26 & 31
Sailing companion:  Accompany Silver fleet sailors, some Gold fleet sailors Be an experienced racer with good knowledge of Racing Rules of Sailing.  Experience with the Martin 16 if possible. Please download and read the  All week during racing
Safety boat driver/helper  Ability to do some quick boat adjustments/repairs on the water. Canadian Power Squadron Boat Rescue training would be an asset All week during racing
Spectator boat: take volunteers, family members & members of the press out to watch the racing Powerboat or sailboat with sufficient cockpit space for 4 people or more, as well as PFDs for all onboard All week during racign
Transfer Team: help sailors with their life jackets & assist them in getting in & out of the boats. Prior knowledge of doing transfers with transfer lifts is an asset, however some on-site training will be provided All week during racing
Wheelchair valet: move wheelchairs off the docks during racing & bring them back afterwards No previous experience required. Training will be provided as needed.  All week during racing
Boat rigging/derigging Familiarity with basic dinghy rigging   All week
Yard/Parking/Cleanup: Keeping order in the club parking lot. Helping to keep the buildings and grounds clean No previous experience required!  All week
Meals: Setting up tables with food, cleanup, bussing tables, helping competitors with meals Just a nice smile All week during meal times & social events


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