Accessibility Tools

7-Wheelchair valet

Timelines Sunday through Thursday, 9am to 4pm
No. Volunteers Needed - Able Dock 5
No. Volunteers Needed - Enabled Dock 2

Arrive by 8 AM. When you arrive - Sign in with the Dock Master.

Different sailors will have different assistive devices.


Prosthetics can be arms or legs. Prosthetics need to be kept cool and dry. They can cost up to $100,000 for a leg, that is made with carbon fibre and titanium. Carry them very gently and bring them into the Able Sail office.

Manual wheelchairs

Tag the wheelchair, undo the brakes and wheel the wheelchair to the clubhouse deck, east side, in the shade. Put the brakes on.

Power wheelchairs

Tag the wheelchair. Ensure the power on the chair is off. Flip the chair into manual. Push the chair to the clubhouse deck, east side, in the shade. Take the chair out of manual.

End of sailing shift - When the sailor comes in, bring their assistive device.

Important: It is very comforting for the sailors lifeline to be visibly there waiting for them when they come in.

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