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1-Shipping Coordinator

There are 14 clubs sending sailors, many of these clubs send sailboats.


Since 1991 CN has been a very important sponsor of Mobility Cup.

A CN container arrives at a location in your city in advance of the event, the Martin16's are loaded in and then transported by train and/or truck to the Mobility Cup venue.

This is a substantial contribution because it removes a geographical barrier to enhance participation.

CN enables Canadian Able Sail clubs within the network to ship boats and facilitates participation. Thank you CN!


The Shipping Coordinator is the person responsible at the local club for shipping their sailboats via CN, they pack up the sailboats, and load them into CN containers. the process for packing boats is quite interesting, find out more in the following links:

How to prepare to ship

Loading into the container

Making wheel and tongue chocks



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