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8-Boat Rigger

Timelines Sunday through Thursday, 9am to 4pm
No. Volunteers Needed - Able Dock 10
No. Volunteers Needed - Enabled Dock 10



There are two zones for rigging,  Able Dock - ZONE A and Enabled Dock - ZONE B.

Able Dock - ZONE A  here the lifts are. Boats for sailors that need the transfer lifts will be here.  Sailors in power wheelchairs, or manual wheelchairs.   Assistive devices may be needed which could be windlass, autohelm, sip 'n puff, tiller extension, tiller handle, tiller straps.
Enabled Dock - ZONE B Zone B is where people that are ambulatory that do not need a transfer lift. Sailors that can walk, may use crutches, have prosthetics May need chair to sit. May need transfer bench to get in and out of the boat. 


Getting Ready

  1. Ensure the boat is pointed into the wind, i.e. turn of needed.
  2. If there is water in the hull, pump it out. Each Martin16 has a built in hand pump. 
  3. Check the inner hull for water by opening the hatch cover on the site and seeing if there is water inside. If so sponge it out.
  4. Check that the rudder alignment is even.
  5. Bring all of the sails for your ZONE at once, put each sail bag next to the corresponding boat.

Putting up the sails - jib

  1. Start from front to back. Start with the jib.
  2. Attach the shackle from the fore of the jib boom to the jib tack.
  3. Attach the shackle from the aft of the jib boom to the jib clew.
  4. Attach the jib halyard to the head of the jib and hoist the jib.

Putting up the sails - mainsail

  1. Attach the tack of the mainsail.
  2. Attach the clew of the mainsail.
  3. Attach the main halyard to the head of the mainsail.
  4. Insert the bolt rope into the track and hoist the mainsail.

Final Details

  1. Attach the Cunningham.
  2. Tighten the boom vang with a slight tension.
  3. Clip the boom to the outer shroud (sidestay).
  4. Tidy up the lines - main halyard, jib halyard, control lines, mainsheet/jibsheet. 
  5. Give the boat a wipedown.
  6. Loop the sailbag on the handrail in NUMERICAL ORDER. You want to ensure they can be found afterwards.


Prior instruction is needed for these installations.





Your Hosts

Able Sail Toronto
National Yacht Club

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29 Nov 2023 Mugg's Island, CA


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