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9-Welcome Team

Timelines Each Day

No. Volunteers Needed

(No previous experience required)

Need 10

The Welcome Desk is the central hub of the event.

Here people will come to:

  1. Sailors check in every day. This is because some may get overtired may not feel well enough to sail on a particular day.
  2. Volunteers check in every day.
  3. Direct traffic. People will ask for directions to different zones, for example: A-Dock (where the transfer lifts are), B-Dock - where people that can self transfer will go. 
  4. Sailors will drop off their security deposit on the Sunday.
  5. Sailors will pick up their goody bags on Sunday.
  6. Volunteers will come get their volunteer shirts the first time they arrive for the week.

Other tasks are:

Shuttling equipment by zone to the docks as required. At the end of the day the equipment is returned to the required table.

Helping to plug in devices that need charging.

Help keep the buildings and grounds clean. Keep order in the parking lot. 

Chart Room

Used to store equipment for each sailors/clubs with the following groupings. Each table will have a power bar. Extension cords will need to be run. Tables are covered with a tablecloth of the color code. All equipment is identified by color. Sails go under the table.

Table1 WHITE Calgary AB  1 boat Sails/VHF/cushions/slings/life jackets
Table2 YELLOW Vancouver BC 2 boats Windlass/Autohelm/Sails/VHF/cushions/slings/life jackets
Table3 RED AQVA Montreal QC 4 boats Windlass/Autohelm/Sails/VHF/cushions/slings/life jackets
Table4 ORANGE Able Sail Shediac NB 1 boat  Sails/VHF/cushions/slings/life jackets
Table5 GREEN Newfoundland NL  2 boats  Sails/VHF/cushions/slings/life jackets
Table6 GREEN/WHITE Halifax/Cape Breton NS 2 boats Sails/VHF/cushions/slings/life jackets
Table7 BLUE Toronto ON 4 boats Windlasses/Sails/VHF/cushions/slings/life jackets
Table8 BLUE/WHITE Belleville ON 2 boats Sails/VHF/cushions/slings/life jackets
Table9 BLUE/ORANGE Nepean ON 2 boats Sails/VHF/cushions/slings/life jackets
Table10 BLUE/YELLOW Burlington Able Sail ON 1 boat Sails/VHF/cushions/slings/life jackets
Table11 PINK Vermont/California USA 1 boat Sails/VHF/cushions/slings/life jackets

Board Room

This room must be kept clean and clear for the Jury.

The Office

The office must be kept clean and clear for the official scorer, weather monitor and on water team. Signal boat equipment is stored here.



Your Hosts

Able Sail Toronto
National Yacht Club

1 Stadium Road,
Toronto, ON
M5V 3H4


43.6316, -79.4021


29 Nov 2023 Mugg's Island, CA


Overcast Clouds

Humidity 73%
UV index 0 - Low
Pressure 1011hPa
Wind speed 6m/s • 260°
  • 803 Thu, 30 11 7°C
  • 501 Fri, 1 12 7°C
  • 501 Sat, 2 12 5°C
  • 500 Sun, 3 12 10°C
  • 500 Mon, 4 12 5°C
  • 600 Tue, 5 12 4°C
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