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2a-Role - Shipping Receiving

Timelines Sunday through Thursday, 9am to 4pm
Container Unloading Team 10 Volunteers
Drivers with vehicles Team 3 Volunteers
Chart Room Team 10 Volunteers
Crane Launch Team 10 Volunteers


1. Arrive at 8AM at National Yacht Club, 1 Stadium Road, Toronto, ON M5V 3H4
2. To get in the gate. When you arrive press the button and say “Mobility Cup” and the gate will open. If you can park in the gravel area because parking closer to the building will be very busy.
3. Check In: Go to the white tent, and go to the Welcome Desk. You will get a parking pass to put on your car dash. You will be directed to the volunteer area you will be helping at. Eleanor, Maddy, Anne will be at the welcome desk.
4. Walk over to HMCS York, 659 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, ON M5V 1A7. This is where the CN containers will be arriving. Check in with Team Lead Michael Givens.
5. Trailers will arrive every 3 minutes starting at 8am. Keep clear of the trucks when they arrive. They pull into the cone area. When the vehicle stops, then we can proceed.
6. Each trailer will have a red tag with a number. Compare this tag to the list to determine the location it came from. Take a photo of the tag number. Cut the tag and open the doors.
7. Take photos of the contents. Take photos of the boats. Boats must be inspected for damage that may have incurred during shipping. Boats must also be inspected to insure that they are in good working condition. If not, the boat owner must be informed immediately of repairs to be made before racing begins. The interior contents SHOULD be labelled and color coordinated. If not, the next team will have to do it for them.
8. Remove the bins, toolboxes and assistive device cases from the container. Keep them together. They cannot get mixed up. They will be transported to the club in the back of the corresponding tow vehicle.
9. Remove the cross over straps. Once removed, put them in the container bin.
10. The tilt and load trailer will then remove the boats from the containers. STAND CLEAR when they are unloading.
11. Ensure the container is completely empty, then close the doors. The driver will then back it into place on the grass, disconnect and then leave. 
ALWAYS stay CLEAR when the trucks are moving.
12. Put the boat and trailer on the tow vehicles with 2" hitches. With vehicles with four-ways on, drive slowly south on Stadium Road to NYC drysail. Repeat until all 6 containers are done.
Truck Arrival # boats Open/photos/unstrap Unload container Trailer to NYC Mast up/ rudder on/ wash as it goes in via crane
1 8am  2   9am 9am 9:30am
8:30am    9:15am    9:45am
9am    9:30am    10am
9:30am    9:45am    10:15am
10am    10:15am    10:30am
6 10:30am   10:45am    11:00am


 Chart Room Team

1. When the tow vehicle arrives in the drysail area. Empty the contents of the back of the car into the tent. 
2. Sort the items. Ensure they are labelled, if not use the tape to label to match the contents.
3. Bring items into chart room and place on or under the club's table (matching the color).
4. Plug any VHF's, chargers for batteries, into the power bar to charge.
5. Repeat until all 6 groups are done.

Crane Team

1. Unhitch trailer with boat from the car, so that the car can go get another boat.
2. Unpack/wrap boat.
3. Put mast up. Don't run lines until boat is at the dock, there is no time now.
4. Put boom on.
5. Put rudder on.
6. Move trailer with boat to the crane, get into position.
7.  Unstrap the boat, untie the line around the keel. detach the winch hasp from the bow.
8. Ensure a bowline and stern line is on the boat.
9.  Using the crane, put the boat in the water.
10.  Bring trailer out by fence line for tow vehicle to bring back.
11. Lower keel.
12.  Paddle boat to dock, tie up.

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