History of Mobility Cup

Disabled sailing got its start at Expo 86 in Vancouver when British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher donated a British made Sunbird sailboat to Rick Hansen in honour of his "Man in Motion World Tour". In 1988 Rick Hansen presented this boat to Sam Sullivan, who subsequently used it to found the Disabled Sailing Association of BC. 

The first Mobility Cup was initiated in 1991 in Vancouver by Sam Sullivan, founder of the Disabled Sailing Association of BC. Sam’s hope was that by inviting key individuals from other cities to take part in Mobility Cup – whether they had ever sailed before was irrelevant – that the sport of disabled sailing would spread and grow.

That’s exactly what happened. People became excited about the potential and recognized what it could mean for people with disabilities in their home towns. New disabled sailing organizations began appearing in cities across Canada and the United States. There are now seventeen disabled sailing associations across Canada. 

Sam Sullivan dedicated the Mobility Cup Trophy with a Deed of Gift on Sept. 5, 2001. He said: “It is my wish that Mobility Cup stand as a symbol of freedom and possibility and to demonstrate that all areas of life can be made accessible for people with all levels of disability.”

To learn more about the history of Mobility Cup as well as see results and photos from previous events click here:  www.mobilitycup.org